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Quality policy

Omega Delivery S.L., as a company dedicated to the management of the Transport of Goods by Road at a national level of food products at various temperatures, is aware and assumes its commitment to quality. For all these reasons, the Direction has established guiding management principles, which set the company´s values in relation to its responsible behavior and commitment to customer satisfaction:

  • To meet and fulfill all requirements, needs and expectations of customers and other interested parties, so that they serve as a basis for the definition of the processes, the planning of our System of Quality and the establishment of objectives of improvement.

  • Permanently seek the operational excellence and continuous improvement of our Quality.

  • To bet for the efficiency and the efficiency in the delivery of the merchandise, ensuring that throughout the process in which the products are in our custody, all food security guarantees are maintained.

  • Compliance with the legal requirements applicable to our activities and other requirements or commitments to which our company is subject.

  • Evaluation and guarantee of the technical competence of staff, as well as the proper motivation for their participation in the continuous improvement of our process.

  • Maintenance of a fluid and transparent communication, both internally between the different levels of the company, and with customers and other stakeholders in our performance.

  • Transmit these values to all people who work for us, including organizations that integrate their products or services into their processes.

These principles are assumed by the Directorate, which will provide the necessary resources and provide its employees with the necessary resources for compliance, drawing them up and making them public knowledge.

The Directorate of the company

March 2021. Ed.06

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